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Our Ethos

Dog lovers trust Eco Dog Company to sniff out some of the safest, most environmentally friendly, ethically made, and well-designed goods for dogs available anywhere. We work tirelessly to uncover items that meet the strictest of environmental and safety criteria. Whenever possible, we seek out handcrafted products that represent a higher level of crafted detail. We aim to ensure that the products we retail are sustainable and of low environmental impact, and that the companies producing/distributing them have sound environmental policies.


Social Responsibility

None of our products are made in sweat-shops. Indeed, some of the toys are ethically made by skilled artisans in Nepal. Many of these women are widows and the sole provider for their families. By using their talent in making our beautiful toys, these ladies are able to earn a living, raise and educate their children and take care of any health needs they may have. We never supply products where there is no assurance of good standards in the supply chain.



Not only are our products environmentally friendly, but Eco Dog Company itself strives for Zero Waste and we are committed to doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. On day to day operations, we actively reuse and recycle what goods we can and wherever possible purchase recycled, environmentally friendly products. We aim to reuse as much packaging that comes to us from our suppliers. We also use 'waste' packaging materials given to us by a local business which includes bubble wrap, air cushions and cardboard boxes. Because we do endeavor to reuse old packaging, your package could look a tad tatty, we apologise for this, but we are trying to do our bit to save the world! When you receive our boxes, we ask you to if possible recycle or reuse again to keep the world green like we want it to be!


Being green

We have strong eco principles and in a conscious effort to be green we have made the following choices;

- We ship our parcels weighing over 2 Kgs with Hermes/City-link, who in our experience both have always been very good at safe place instructions, saving fuel and time on annoying depo-returns at the customer end.

- We operate low voltage lighting

- We aim to keep transport down to a minimum, using our own legs as much as possible

- We do not invest (directly and as far as we know) in anything unethical by our own personal standards

- Eco Dog Company is hosted by Memset ; Britain's first certified Carbon Neutral ISP


Testing on Animals

Some brands of animal foods/shampoos etc that are availble in high street pet shops are tested on animals in an invasive and often deadly way. All our products are tested on HUMANS before being used on dogs rather than the other way around!