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Miku and Strummer

Eco Dog Company would not be the same without our four legged friends Miku and Strummer. They inspire us to source and provide the very best products for your dogs and keep us smiling every day.....



Born: 5th October 2013, Peterborough

Breed: Siberian Husky

Distinguishing mark: Ice white eyes and a loud howl

Loves: Digging holes, laying in the rain and chasing squirrels

Dislikes: Being kept waiting

Eco Dog Company Role: Mangaging Director and Chief Buyer

Favourite treat: Air dried sprats

Naughty habit: Too much of a lady to have any

Random fact: Miku has a very keen sense of smell







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Born: 10th January 2015, Kent

Breed: Weimaraner

Colour: Silver grey

Distinguishing mark: Batman  mark on chest

Loves: Chasing a ball, squirrels, leaves, anything really

Dislikes: Horses

Eco Dog Company Role: Chief taster 

Favourite treat: Venison jerky

Naughty habit: Too many to mention here

Random fact: Strummer can run very fast