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Rauh Moose Chips

Moose Chips


These chews are made from the entire moose hide, including the best part – the upper layer.  These chews, obtained from wild animals, are particularly suited to dogs with sensitive tummies. These chews are very durable and delicious with a unique taste and appearance.  The chew gets its taste from spruce, birch and wild grass. This purity is assured by the manufacturing technology and also by the fact that the chew is a genuinely natural product because the animal it comes from has not been interfered with by feeding by humans. Made using a traditional drying method, with no artificial additives whatsoever, the chews are healthy, tasty and durable, and completely non-allergenic.Rauh! Wild Line moose chews are suitable for all breeds and for all ages.  Chips 20g. L 150 mm. W 50 mm. Thickness 3 mm


Ingredients:Moose skin  Analysis Crude protein 87.7% Crude fat 2.1%Moisture 6.2%