#SBS Winners 10/06/12

When Theo gave us the nod.... square-SBS1

For those who don’t follow twitter (we didn’t until we founded Eco Dog Company ), we will explain......Theo Paphitis from BBC's Dragonʼs Den runs a weekly competition on Twitter each Sunday called 'Small Business Sunday'. Every Sunday, between 5:00 and 7:30pm Theo invites people to tweet him about their small businesses. Theo then reviews the tweets and selects his top six and then retweets those six to his 250 000+ followers!  It is called 'Small Business Sunday'or #SBS for short and the idea is to help raise the profiles of entrepreneurial small business owners.

We had previously entered into this on a few ocassions and certainly, we believe that #SBS is a great opportunity. So on Sunday 10th June we tweeted the following to Theo Paphitis about our company.....

It was only when our frisbs tweetends at Pets Pantry Pembs texted us at about 9pm on Monday 11th June, that we realised we had been chosen as one of the lucky six. So without haste we logged onto Twitter and could see that the impact was immediate as we had received lots of congratulatory tweets from past #SBS winners, along with many other people and small business owners. To summarise, it meant that our business had a mention from Theo Paphitis in front of over 200 THOUSAND people!

Obviously, this is very fresh news for us but we're completely over the moon and proud to have been selected as it is a huge compliment. To tell the truth, we're a bit overwhelmed at the moment but also excited as to what being an #SBS winner may bring..... If only we could explain to Mollie Pop - because she's our winning formula!

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